Mug Club

Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID19

Have you seen some Pub Patrons with handmade Beer Mugs? Well, those people are part of our Mug Club.

Every year a limited number of patrons become part of our most select customer base by becoming Mug Club members. The mugs are handmade by Gulf coast potter Stephen Dark and are between 19 and 24 ounces. If you are a Mug Club member you get your larger mug filled for the same price as a 16 ounce pint!

The Mugs are very cool as you have seen but if you are a frequent drinker at the Pub it also saves you money. Drink more than few times a month at the pub and the savings on those 3 to 6 extra ounces really add up. Especially during Crafty Hour! Almost every draft beer under 9% ABV is eligible for Mug Club fills (including Cask Ale). A few beers like Cantillon & Berliner Weiss are not eligible.

What you get for $65 plus tax

  • The handmade ceramic mug: you come in and choose it. Obviously the larger ones go more quickly so come early for the best selection.

  • Mug Club appreciation nights…good things planned for this year (Hint: Polly’s cellar)

Renewals deadline is July 15th
  • Mug club membership is a privilege. The Pub reserves the right to cancel any members membership without refund if the customers behavior or treatment of our staff does not meet minimum standards. Refunds will not be given to customers whose behavior has resulted in temporary or permanent barring from the pub.

  • Mug club memberships (Mugs) are not “loan-able” to friends or family. Memberships( Mugs) are transferable to friend if the original member moves out of town. Please email us to let us know this is happening so we can correct our records!

  • Mug Club Renewals are always in the summer, regardless of when you purchased your Mug.

  • Replacement mugs are available for $20 while supplies last. Please bring in the broken pieces of your mug to swap it out. Please understand that replacement mugs may not be available but that a broken piece is enough to get you into the exclusive Mug Club Bottle shares. Because our mugs are handmade in batches we can not order just one or two replacements so when we run out of the original stock of replacements we ordered we have to wait to get enough for an order. Refunds or prorated refunds on membership will not be offered for a broken mug.

Stuff I have to say…please read before you renew or join!

New members are accepted based on how many people do not renew. About 15% of the Mug Club members move or don’t renew. The result is that while we have some changeover; those spots don’t last long! We will send out an email to all folks on the waiting list so be on the lookout for it and come in right away.

To add your name to the waiting list, go into the subscriber preferences section of any email we have sent YOU. Check the box that indicates “Mug Cub Waiting list”. We will send out an email when the spots open up and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Its rare that spots are still left in the fall or at Christmas so if gift giving is in your mind don’t wait.

Mug Club is only open to customers on our mailing list. Fill out the subscriber preferences to indicate you want to be put on the waiting list.

New membership info

Existing members have until July 15th to renew their memberships. We do not accept phone or email reservations and all mugs are first come first serve. To say thank you for your continued membership you will get a free fill with your renewal.

When you come in to select your mug we will ask you to bring your old mug with you. The old one is yours to keep but this is a way of letting any new staff know you are an existing member.

Please provide us with the email you use for our email list when you renew that way we can update our records. Our new email listserver allows us to maintain separate lists now, which means Mug Club members will be able to look forward to special offers and advance notice of Mardi Gras rental spaces!

New members accepted after July 15th if there are spots available; see notes below…

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